About us

CCCA is a Stichting (Foundation) based in The Hague, The Netherlands (KvK 70909474). It has been granted ANBI status (tax benefit status) by the Dutch tax authorities (RSIN 858506919).

CCCA’s Board of Directors

(Serving in their personal capacities) 

  • Reinhold Gallmetzer (chairperson), Prosecution Appeals Counsel at the International Criminal Court
  • Eric Iverson (secretary/treasurer), Prosecution Trial Lawyer at the International Criminal Court and former U.S. military prosecutor
  • Peter Kremer, former Canadian federal prosecutor and UN war crimes prosecutor

CCCA’s Advisory Board

(Serving in their personal capacities) 

  • José Antonio Alfaro Moreno, Europol, Team Leader EU Organised Crime Unit O2-24 AP, EnviCrime
  • Katrina Gustafson, former prosecutor at UN war crimes tribunal
  • Mark Harmon, former US environmental crimes prosecutor and UN war crimes prosecutor​
  • Michelle Jarvis, Deputy Head of the International, Impartial, and Independent UN Mechanism for Syria, and former Deputy to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia
  • Davyth Stewart, Senior Consultant – wildlife and timber crime, former Coordinator of INTERPOL’s Environmental Security Program and Senior Forest Campaigner and legal counsel at Global Witness

CCCA has been endorsed by, and cooperates with, Europol, the European Environmental Crimes Network, and domestic prosecution and police authorities, including from the United States of America, the Netherlands, Brazil and Peru.

CCCA is independent, in the sense that it decides autonomously on which areas and specific fact patterns to focus. Additionally, CCCA controls its analysis and information sharing.