What We Do

95% of Brazil’s deforestation is illegal

CCCA uses the combined power of the law, data and analysis to make it stop.

Peru is Losing its Amazon Virgin Rainforest to Palm Oil

CCCA supports strategic initiatives to convey a message against the prevailing impunity on historical cases of large-scale deforestation linked to palm oil.

Colombia lost 841,000ha of Amazon Rainforest in the past 5 years

That’s as much as 1.5 million football stadiums.

CCCA analyses the main forest-risk commodities to discourage actors that facilitate deforestation through their supply chains and investments.

Rapid cuts in methane emissions are vital to limit global warming in the next decade

Yet this critical piece of the climate puzzle is often overlooked.

Methane emissions are responsible for about 30% of current warming but they are difficult to track and measure. Now that technical data is improving, CCCA is translating it into concrete action.

Environmental contamination and human harm from mining

Cerro de Pasco is a mining town located on the high plateau of central Peru. Numerous Peruvian governmental authorities and NGOs, as well as international organizations, have reported that Cerro de Pasco is exposed to extreme levels of environmental pollution caused by mining which impacts on the health of the town’s inhabitants.